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What is my Purpose? A question that we’ve all asked ourselves and few have found answers to. Let me start by explaining how I define the word “Purpose”:

Purpose is the reason why you are here, in this body, in this world, at this exact moment in time and space.

Understand your nature to find your purpose

Picture: Sage Friedman

Corporate leader or start-up entrepreneur — we’re all the same;

Most of us end up working ridiculous hours, sacrificing our health and time with family and friends in the name of success …

Because once upon a time, society decided that this is “what it takes”.

Unfortunately, society’s definition of “success” is fundamentally broken.

We are deeply unconscious…

Katharina Kugler

Biz strategist 👋🏽, creator 🚀, 🎙 in.sync with Kat podcast. Bridging the gap between #spirituality and #business

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