The Global Consciousness Crisis

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The current state of the world is nuts (mildly put) and will stay that way until we finally acknowledge and address the elephant in the room: the level of collective consciousness.

Done Talking About The Symptoms of the Sh*tshow

Alright — this is heavy on my mind and heart, so I’m just writing it as it comes out — without a filter — because I can not hold it in without it eating me from the inside.

I don’t typically engage in any political conversations because I find that they are centred too much about fighting the symptoms but never the root of the issue.

A few months ago, I shared a short video explaining why ALL of our global problems are rooted in our current level of collective consciousness. You can find it here:

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I feel like this is the time to open the space for this topic again.

Raising Consciousness

Be it Climate Change, COVID-19, the Mental Health Crisis or a War in 2022 (how crazy is it even writing this):

At the core of all of it deeply rooted separation within humanity and a lack of connection to ourselves and the world around us.

It is the low level of collective consciousness that is causing humanity all the pain and suffering.

This low level of consciousness expresses itself in questionable decisions that involve forcing things on people, starting wars and driving more division, … you name it. Let’s not even go there.

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The solution?

Remembering that we are all ONE.

It is ONE consciousness that expresses itself in different forms (you, your neighbour, the cat!). We are connected through the quantum field, and when we harm others, we harm ourselves.

There is only one decision that really matters:

Does it invoke more Love or Fear?

Awareness & Free Will

Take Russia’s leader as an example.

I don’t hate Putin. I see myself in Putin!

Except — and this is the most important part — I make different choices because I am AWARE of myself and I recognise that there is a thing called FREE WILL.

I woke up to a greater reality! Putin hasn’t. And neither have 99% of our (world) leaders. (On a more positive side note, don’t worry, not everyone needs to wake up to create a better planet… just a few key ppl)

The reality is that right now we are at the mercy of a bunch of organised criminals who are completely run by their egoic minds. Same in most businesses and organisations.

It is a real sh*t show and a great tragedy what is happening in the world right now (esp. with Ukraine). However, it also serves a purpose; all of this Darkness needs to come to the surface so that we can shine Light on it.

Would I prefer this process to look different? Yes, but it is what it is, so let’s work with what we have.

What You Can Do To Help (Really Help)

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This is going to sound super simple, but it is really the only way to help heal the problem at the root:

  • Fully Awaken to yourself and all Life
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Question your reality
  • Access free will with awareness

How is this going to change anything? Well, all systems and institutions are run by a bunch of humans. Every conscious one matters. YOU matter.

Love and Light,


P.S. Please know that I deeply appreciate the souls who work on the ground and give the Ukrainian people relief from the symptoms right now. I am definitely not saying stop it and leave them to their devices. Let’s do everything we can to provide short term relief and put this madness to an end AND simultaneously address the root of it all!



leadership/business consultant, entrepreneur ➤, connecting consciousness, spirituality & business

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Katharina Kugler

leadership/business consultant, entrepreneur ➤, connecting consciousness, spirituality & business